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Management Philosophy
We have the most devoted heart to provide you with the perfect delicacies.
Since its establishment in 1987, Goldentop Restaurant is consistent in the spirit of using the natural ingredients and unique recipes. Its first developed dishes are highly praised to be the most unique with carefully selected ingredients to create the world- famous, second to none cuisine.
The persistent and uncompromising quality control are here to offer you with great dining experience that worth the price.
Each step on the selection of the ingredients, the redeployment of sauces, cooking techniques is as detailed and careful as carving a diamond. With the strict quality control, Goldentop becomes the leader in all the restaurants that provide shark'fin, bird's nest, and abalone cuisine. Goldentop strives for perfection to create its own unique and excellent flavor, so the customers can enjoy the best dining experience they have never experienced before.
Goldentop offers you unforgettable dining experience and a feast of delicacies
The savory colors of the food, rich soups, and our devoted heart are here to offer you the irreplaceable Goldentop restaurant. This is the only restaurant in Taiwan that offers the delicacies of both shark's fin and bird's nest. Through the decorations of the restaurant, Goldentop provides customers a space with warm and comfortable feelings. The bright indoor space and considerate staff can make customers feel relaxed and enjoyable both physically and mentally.
Media Reports
Goldentop Shark’s Fin Co
Goldentop's streaky pork was praised by food detectives from foreign countries : One must have bite before death.
In 2009, a foreign food spy came to Taiwan for a one week food study tour. Before leaving Taiwan, he made a surprising remark: Goldentop's fried streaky pork is a must-eat if one must have a bite of Taiwanese food before death.

The unique taste of the streaky pork comes from the efforts on strict selection of ingredients and the control on the fire. With the secret sauce that adds a magic touch on the dish, the dish makes all the people who have had it mouth water every time they recall the taste of it. Even so, Goldentop continues to improve and pursue for perfection. We develop new flavors on the same dishes, so customers can find a deeper level of surprises in every single bite. The multi-level enjoyment can make the diners' understand our business philosophy, which is to fight the one hundred percent battle with two hundred percent efforts.

The reason why Goldentop has truly become the restaurant above the peak is because of the strict selection of fresh ingredients and quality control. We look for the best food source and sauces all over the world. Then through the most rigorous sauce deployment and quality control, we develop our own private sauces. Therefore, even our menu hasn't been changed for more than twenty years, the memorable dishes on it still make our diners enjoy the endless aftertastes. The delicacies here are honored and known as the first,so that's how we conquered the foreign food experts.